Teste de nivelamento


True or false test

Please choose the correct answer: true or false?
Each correct answer is 1 point, each incorrect answer means 0.


1. The opposite of 'first' is 'last'.

2. We eat breakfast in the evening.

3. It's necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop.

4. It's easy to drive on a foggy day.

5. We wouldn't be in danger if this building were in flames.

6. Kind people have a lot of enemies.

7. A flatmate is a person who works with us in the same corporation.

8. Some people are superstitious about walking under a ladder.

9. You can book a hotel room if there are no vacant rooms.

10. Greedy people are seldom satisfied with what they get.



Multiple choice test

Please choose the correct answer: A, B or C.
Each correct answer is 1 point, each incorrect answer means 0.


1. Am I... the window?
A) open B) closing C) close.

2. ... you have a red box?
A) Does B) Do C )Are

3. A train is... than a car.
A) heaviest B) heavier C) lighter.

4. ... you at school yesterday?
A) Was B) Are C) Were

5. If you... me a thousand pounds, I would be happy.
A)offered B)would offer C)will offer

6. She may... everything.
A) saying B) to say C) say.

7. He was really... after having cycled uphill for 30 minutes.
A) exhausted B) exhausting C) tiring.

8. He cancelled the reservation at... notice and had to pay the whole amount.
A) postponed B) late C) short.

9. They were refused... the club as they were under age.
A) entrace B) exit C) admission.

10. We will start looking for a new flat to rent as soon as we... the old one.
A)will have sold B) will sell C)sell.

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